Accessibility Solutions

Leedo product development and design teams are fully engaged in helping our customers meet the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). We offer a range of accessible and adaptable base, sink base and combination vanity solutions that allow our customers to meet ADA requirements. In addition, we offer some solutions that allow the conversion back and forth between wheelchair accessible and standard kitchens, depending on the resident’s needs.


To provide both optimal design and budget flexibility, ADA cabinet offerings from Leedo can be grouped into four families:



UFAS cabinets

Our most flexible solution for tight spaces and standalone sinks and vanities is a Uniform Federal Accessibility Standards (UFAS) cabinet. This cabinet is manufactured in two parts, a top section offering permanent countertop support, and a removable bottom section. The bottom section of the cabinet features a bottom and doors. It can be removed and replaced repeatedly, converting the cabinet from wheelchair accessible to a normally functioning cabinet, depending on the needs of each particular resident.


The UFAS insert comes with a connected skirt and baffle utilizing angled side panels. It does not require adjacent cabinets. The UFAS cabinet is the best flexible solution for a stand-alone sink cabinet or a sink space limited to 30″ wide. Our UFAS product family also includes cabinets with drawers that allow wheelchair access below.


Removable sink fronts

For sinks that are located between two adjacent cabinets, Leedo offers a removable sink front to meet ADA code, which lets owners convert a kitchen back and forth between wheelchair accessibility and standard cabinet storage functionality. A removable sink front is a less expensive option than a UFAS cabinet, but it can only be installed between adjacent cabinets. A wooden baffle is installed to shield the sink and plumbing, and then a removable cabinet floor and sink front is attached to the neighboring cabinets. This front can be repeatedly installed or removed, depending on the resident’s preference.



Angled sink and plumbing baffles

Another accessibility option is to provide a skirt with an angled, removable baffle. This angled piece of wood is installed to hide the plumbing while still allowing a user to move comfortably under the sink with sufficient knee and toe clearance. The angled baffle produces a more finished look than a skirt with an open front, and it provides a thermal barrier to protect residents from a hot sink or drain pipe. Sink and plumbing baffles can be installed between cabinets, walls or standard end panels.



4″ sink skirts

The least expensive solution for ADA accessible sinks is to use a 4″ wooden panel as a skirt to conceal the sink. This approach leaves the counter under the sink open. With this solution, plumbing must be wrapped (by others) to provide a thermal barrier between users and potentially hot pipes. A 4″ sink skirt can be installed between cabinets, walls or standard end panels.

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